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                                                       Hunt Process Epoxy HP-(Binder)

                                                           Hunt Process Epoxy HP-GPA



Hunt Process Epoxy HP-(Binder)


HP-(Binder) is a two component, 100% solids, epoxy  resin system used as a binder for making epoxy mortar.

This material when mixed up to four parts clean, dry silica sand produces a trowelable epoxy mortar for making spall repairs, setting anchor bolts, pouring shear key connections in precast decks, or other applications requiring a high quality, non-shrinking epoxy mortar.

HP-(Binder) can be used on damp concrete surfaces.


Viscosity @ 80 degrees F.--------------------------4500 CPS

Gel Time 100 Gram Mass---------------------------33 Minutes

Bond Strength---------------------------------------Concrete Failure

Arizona Diagonal Shear----------------------------Exceeds 3,00 PSI Measured on Bond Line

Compressive Strengths of Mortar----------------Exceeds 5,000 PSI at 24 hours


1.  The surface to which HP-(Binder) is applied should be cleaned by chipping or sandblasting to clean sound concrete.

2.  Mix two (2) parts Component "A" with one (1) part Component "B" by volume.  To this mixture, mix one (1) to (4) parts clean, dry silica sand, depending on workability desired.

3.  Lightly prime surface to receive epoxy mortar with neat HP-(Binder).

4.  Spread mortar on area to be repaired and tamp in place.  Finish area to grade and finish desired.


HP-(Binder) contains epoxy resins.  Avoid contact with eyes or skin.  If used in a closed area, provide adequate ventilation.  Wear protective gloves and clothing when using all epoxies.


HP-(Binder)  is packaged in 2 gallon cases


Hunt Process Epoxy HP-GPA


HP-GPA is a Solvent Free 2 to 1 epoxy resin and hardener system for bonding new concrete to old concrete as well as other building materials, such as wood and metals, to concrete and for grouting anchor bolts and dowel bars in drilled holes in concrete.


Hunt Process Epoxy HP-GPA meets applicable AASHTO & ASTM Specifications.


Viscosity @ 75 degrees F---------------------------Pourable

Gel time, 100 Gm Mass----------------------------Approximately 50 minutes

Moisture Resistance--------------------------------Excellent

Adhesion to Concrete------------------------------Excellent

Strengths--------------------------------------------Greater than concrete


1.  The bond created between the two materials being worked on depends greatly on the condition of the two surfaces.

The surface of the concrete should be cleaned by sand blasting or by surface etching with acid if laitance, oils or other foreign materials are present that would destroy the bond characteristics of the epoxy.  Any loose aggregates or spalls should also be removed to provide a clean sound surface.

2.  Mix 2 parts Component "A" with 1 part Component "B" by volume.  Agitate the mixture thoroughly.  HP-GPA will remain fluid approximately 30-40 minutes, so do not mix more material than can be used in this time.

3.  Apply HP-GPA to the clean concrete surface by brushing at the rate of 50 to 150 sp. ft./gal. depending on the surface.  The new concrete should be placed while the epoxy surface is still wet.  If the epoxy sets up before placing concrete, merely apply another coat of epoxy, before pouring concrete, to insure bond. 

4.  After placing new concrete, the surface should be cured with a membrane curing compound.  See Hunt Process Curing Compound.  The setting time of the epoxy is regulated to longer than the hydration time of Portland Cement, thus and excellent bond is achieved between the old and new surface.

5.  HP-GPA can be mixed 1 part epoxy to 1 to 3 parts by volume of clean dry silica sand to produce an epoxy mortar for troweling into pot holes and spalled areas on concrete surfaces.  The surface to which the epoxy mortar is applied should be lightly primed with the above epoxy minus the sand to assure good adhesion.

6. Ideally, this and other epoxy systems should be applied above 60 degrees F. (slab temperature), however, it will gradually cure and 40 degrees F.


HP-GPA contains epoxy resins.  Avoid contact with eyes or skin.  If used in a closed area, provide adequate ventilation.  Wear protective goggles and gloves.


HP-GPA is packaged in 2 gallon cases.


We guarantee our product to conform to Hunt Process quality control.  NO OTHER WARRANTY OR GUARANTEE, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THOSE CONCERNING MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, IS MADE BY HUNT PROCESS CORP.-SOUTHERN.  We assume no responsibility for coverage, performance or injuries resulting from use.  Liability if any, is limited to replacement of products.  In no event will Seller be liable for any loss of profits or other special consequential damages, even if Seller has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

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